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Discover the only subliminal software that can help you to
  • Release limiting programming and beliefs
  • Open your mind to new possibilities
  • Follow through on your life’s goals effortlessly
  • Activate the genius “other” of your brain

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For thousands of years, leaders have studied and searched for how we could turn on your human potential in an instant…Over time some of the greatest minds have discovered the science of how you can access the other of your mind that usually goes unused to activate your inner genius. The best part is, because this allows you to stop fighting your own infinitely powerful mind, it can be ridiculously easy. How easy?

Think of just pushing a couple of buttons… and then sitting back and putting in no effort at all. That’s right; don’t try to do anything different.
It all comes as naturally and effortlessly as breathing.

Now imagine feeling that sense of ease and flow as you
Bypass the resistance that makes any goal
Break down negative patterns installed subconsciously by others.
Create confidence, and accelerated learning in any task (even with no experience).
Align thoughts with the underlying frequency of reality… and reality with your thoughts.
Consistently move forward towards creating your life’s purpose.
So what would it take to actually make this happen for you now? What if there was software that could do all
of this for you automatically, right now?
Power Mind Subliminal (Subliminal Message Software)

Imagine a piece of software that was easier to use than sending an email, but that allowed you to consciously choose what you’re going to feel and do consistently. What would you use that for? Would you be more social and outgoing? Would you learn a new language or instrument? Would you be more
confident? Would you let go of that bad habit? Would you live your life the way you always knew it could be?
Think about it…This is the key to being whoever you always wanted to be.
All you need to do is run it once to tell it what beliefs you want implanted in your subconscious, and it does the rest for you completely automatically. You don’t need to make it a habit. It’s already installed on your computer, and… before long, deep in your subconscious, too. Now, before we tell you how, there is one thing we should

Warning!In the rush to take advantage of these extraordinary possibilities, most of the software available today (especially the popular ones) have been created by marketers and personal development gurus. These are not people who actually understand subliminal programming, even though they sell a lot of software with the label.So how do you know when they don’t “get it”? What makes a subliminal message powerful is that it’s sub-liminal, meaning you don’t notice and understand the words. Remember, the parts of your mind that let you notice the words, are the parts that block them from the rest of your mind. Software that flashes recognizable words at
slow speeds, isn’t actually showing you subliminal messages at all. Think about that. That means that when they talk about research into subliminals they’re talking about something completely different to what they’re selling you. If they’re selling subliminal software and they don’t even understand what it means, do you really
want to trust your mind to them?
DO NOT Use “Subliminal” Software If It Won’t DO This
So now you know what to avoid, what should you actually look for to get subliminal software that gets exceptional results? Here’s what your subliminal software should look like. It should
Allow a faster than average “flash” speed to make messages more subliminal
Using letters in a unique suggestive way that’s kept away from the conscious mind, while still letting them into your subconscious. Just flashing a message at a speed you can still read easily is NOT subliminal technology at all.
Include further reading and education that helps you push the conditioning deeper.
Be “set and forget” so you don’t need to make habits to get it done. We make them for you.
With Power Mind Subliminal software we have created an easy to use power tool for your mind that includes ALL of the above, compared to other software which typically provides none of them. It’s designed to combine the power of high speed subliminals, symbolic archetypes and ancient techniques used by many of the world’s oldest religions and cultures for obscuring the messages of your choice so that they pass straight through your conscious and into your subconscious mind. It comes with a FREE E-book filled with advice on how to take this even further that will take your subconscious knowledge to a whole new level … It also comes with a build in video called “Sacred Geometry Meditation”
And now the whole thing is available to you at the mere push of a few buttons. Can it really be that simple?
As simple as 1…2…3… Just:
“software is the first of its kind anywhere in the world”.
PowerMind Subliminal software then regularly displays the messages you’ve chosen as true subliminal messages. That is, they’re displayed quickly on screen and modified in a way that makes them only recognizable to your subconscious (unlike other “subliminal” software).
A Best of all you can have PowerMind Subliminal software
Display professionally prewritten statements
AND Lets you add your own!
It’s as easy as sending an email, and once set up, if you wish, you never need to touch it again!
I’ll get to the point. I know from personal experience that the techniques in Powermind Subliminal software works. At the same time, I also know that most of the software claiming to be subliminal isn’t subliminal at all… and just doesn’t work. That’s why I understand that it’s important to see 100% real, in-front-of-your-eyes resultsfor yourself when deciding on your purchase.I’m so determined to help your turbo charge your own life that I’m giving you the opportunity to try this groundbreaking software at no cost, if you don’t choose to keep the software. That’s right, take just a minute or two to set it up and try it out. Then just watch the results. If the improvements that you see in your own life aren’t worth many times your tiny investment, just let us know in the first 28 days and we’ll refund you cheerfully, no questions asked, while you still get to keep the improvements you did see.That’s right, no questions or legal fine print, you’re thrilled or don’t pay.

…and let’s face it. We’re talking about $39.95 here. That’s less than you probably spent on snacks in the last few weeks, or renting a couple of movies. How much is it worth, to turn around any area of your life that’s been holding you back?

Make it Happen In Your Life, Right Now.
Of course you’re welcome to avoid trying Powermind Subliminal software and keep getting the same kind of results in life. That’s absolutely, OK. Unless you actually want to use the moneyback guarantee trial to experience for yourself what’s possible, we’re not going to tell you to buy it.We’re only here to discover if you are one of the people who are ready and wanting to experience this for yourself. If not, by all means stop reading now. If you arecurious though, just click the button below to download your copy and you’ll be running it within minutes (it’s a snap to set up, we’ll show you how).You can pay with your credit card, or PayPal account. Your order will be done in seconds and you’ll receive the download links in your email immediately. From there it’s just a click, a download and you’re ready to run. See for yourself.

You’re here for a reason, so what will you do when you find out you can’t fail? Find out.

Windows only application…will not run with Mac.

Mac only application…will not run with Window.
This program comes with a very powerful and informative FREE E-book that shows you how to communicate with infinite intelligence.
Open up a gateway of frequencies.
It also teaches you how to combine Self Hypnosis, suggestive thinking and how to make a deal with atoms….
What the Bleep???? Did he just say make a deal with atoms.
Atoms are alive…It also shows you the importance of harnessing sex energies and what a good relationship can do for success, it also teaches you how to raise smart kids.It will also show you how to harness positive energy from the power of a family structure.
The instructions also show you how to make your own custom made shapes and designed word structures and much more

Windows only application…will not run with Mac.

Mac only application…will not run with Window.

{Mike Freedman}
Researcher and Developer

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: PowerMindSubliminal is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Product uses flashing images. Do not use if you are susceptible to health problems due to flashing images.
"Click2Sell is an authorized reseller of Subliminal Software"
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Please note:
What is shown in the video is Sigil Magic.
Making Sigils for sigil magic is different from shortened word structures.
The Program incorporates a mixture of shortened word structures (Anycroms) and sigils.
Letters in the Alphabet are a type of alphabet sigil.
Shortened word structures works on the subconscious mind because the mind loves filling in the blanks to word suggestions and abbreviations.
Shortened word structures can keep the vowels A & I.
Whereas sigil magic the vowels are crossed out and all double lettering’s are taken out.